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IP or Domain

WHOIS Server

[IP or Doami] 欄に半角文字で
IPアドレスかドメイン名を入力し [Check] ボタンを押す
IPアドレスは 255 以下の数値を '.' で区切り4セット並べて記述
ドメイン名はサーバ名を含まない '英数字','-','_','.' で記述
whoisサーバを強制変更したい場合は [WHOIS Server] リストボックスから選択

How to use it. Input domain or IP address in the text column. And push a check button. The input of IP adress. Four sets of number sets within three digits are connected with the dot. ex) The input of domain name. It isn't accepted when a server name is put. Japanese domain registered in JPIN can be looked up. ex) ex) The choice of the WHOIS server. A WHIS server is chosen automatically. It can be chosen from the list, too.